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Tom Lush Media

TLM is a Sport Media company offering a wide range of broadcast and production services.


 I founded TLM shortly after completing my Masters degree in International Relations at the University of Manchester in 2018. Unenthused by a 'normal' career path I decided to take a risk and follow a life-long dream of becoming a sports commentator.

Within 6 months of this decision I had gone from volunteering at my local rugby club, to commentating LIVE on BT Sport in the FIH Hockey Pro League.


And the journey has not stopped there. Always looking for new opportunities and discovering that there is a growing demand for sport content online, I have expanded the services I can offer to providing live-stream, video editing, hosting & producing podcasts.

A love for fresh challenges has driven me to explore these new avenues of sport media & has resulted in the ability to offer a brilliant range of services for TLM's portfolio.